Category: Touring

Construction: T-Formex

Echo Custom



With its beautiful curves and elegant design the Echo will definitely catch your attention. In addition to its unique look, one thing you will surely notice when you paddle it is how easy it is to maneuver. “The Echo is a canoe I can dance with on flat water or take down class II rivers or on overnight trips” mentioned Karen Knight when Esquif asked the National Champion what made the Echo so special. With its great speed, tracking and secondary stability it is one of the smoothest and most reliable companions you can have on calm solo paddling adventures.

Length Width Depth Shape Weight
4.27m / 14' 80.9cm - 75.2cm / 31 29.2cm / 11.5" Shallow Arch 20.5kg / 45lb

Rocker: 4.4cm / 1.75"
Seats: Cane
Gunwale: Wood


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