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Construction: PE

Extasy Custom

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EXTASY means joy in its purest form; the objective of this canoe is to empower smaller paddlers to unlock their full potential and discover the joy of the river without limitation.
The Extasy is a creeker and river runner, with ergonomics adapted to smaller, shorter physiques in order to provide an ideal range of motion; as smaller paddlers exert a little less force on average, enhanced driving dynamics were the key design focus of the Extasy to ensure it was responsive and paddled effortlessly.

While it is not specifically a boat for beginners, the Extasy is forgiving enough to also introduce new paddlers to the benefits of agility; the rounded edges provide precision without being overly snappy on rocks, and without being unpleasantly aggressive.

The design of the Extasy is based on one of the leading academic studies on whitewater boat design (Engineering Kanuslalom, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences 2014); this science was backed up by the designer, Sabrina Barm’s years of international racing experience in canoe slalom and down river racing, as well as high level creeking. The Extasy is so small and nimble, you will make even the tightest moves with grace.

Designed by Sabrina Barm, moulded in Germany.

Colours: Cosmic Love, Electric, Lava

Length Width Depth Shape Weight
2.75m / 9' 0.66m / 26" Asymmetrical 18.5kg / 41lb

Gunwale: Integrated
Standard: Factory installed outfitting

WhiteWater (WW) Outfitting comes with saddle, loose knee pads, buoyancy bag cages (bags not included) and footbrace.

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