Huron 16

Category: Touring

Construction: T-Formex

Huron 16 Custom

If you have any specific requirements such as a custom thwart position, or you’d like any optional extras to be supplied unfitted, please let us know using the 'Order Comments' box on the checkout page.



The Huron 16, like the Huron 15, is ideal for adventure trippers and recreational canoeists, but with some extra volume; perfect for carrying a bit more gear or your furry friend. The Huron 16 is pulled from the same mold as the Prospecteur 16 but trimmed down to 12.5", as opposed to 14.5". The lower profile reduces the weight and makes it easy to paddle in breezy conditions as either a solo or tandem.

Length Width Depth Shape Weight
4.88m / 16' 89cm / 35" 33cm / 13" Rounded 24kg / 53lb

Seats: Wood Web

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