Category: Touring

Construction: Twin-Tex

Mistral Custom



Many canoes claim to be versatile but by combining a clever new design with the outstanding Twin-Tex material, the Mistral can truly offer outstanding performance for several different purposes. This canoe has good flat-water speed yet handles predictably in all conditions. At 16’ it has length for tracking and moderate rocker at the ends; this makes for a very efficient tracking canoe yet maneuverable enough for constricted waterways, and whitewater. Ideal for day touring with plenty of carrying capacity for long trips and the seaworthiness to handle rough conditions.

The Mistral is a lightweight and durable canoe which will be the choice for those canoeists wanting the best in versatility.

Length Width Depth Shape Weight Capacity
4.87m / 16' 88.9cm / 35" 38.1cm / 15" Shallow Arch 26.3kg / 58lb 400kg / 880lb

Rocker: 8.9cm / 3.5"
Seats: Cane
Gunwale: Vinyl
Standard: Deep contoured yoke and thwart


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