Prospecteur Sport

Category: Touring

Construction: T-Formex

Prospecteur Sport



The Esquif Prospecteur Sport is a classic design, based on the long-used canoe by the First Nations People using today’s materials and building technologies. Its arched bottom meets the freeboard with a soft, rounded chine giving the canoe exceptional glide and a reassuring feel.

The balance and harmony of this traditional design guarantee that the Prospecteur Sport will be as agile on the river as on a lake. Discover all the Prospecteur Sport’s subtleties in a canoe designed for the enjoyment of all paddlers.

Length Width Depth Shape Weight Capacity
4.85m / 15' 11" 88.9cm / 35" 39.4cm / 15.5" Rounded 29.27kg / 65lb 386kg / 850lb

Rocker: 8.9cm / 3.5"
Seats: Wood Web
Gunwale: Vinyl
Standard: Contoured yoke and thwart


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